The Neophyte

This, likewise, is another short story from a friend of mine. It went through a lot of revisions and he put a lot of work into it, but ultimately he just couldn’t find a publication willing to give it a chance.

Fundamental Humanities

A Dryad – Celtic Forest Spirit

The young woman’s olive-colored skin was tinged with a deep, dark green. She was nearly naked, andwore no dress or robe;covered only by clusters of leaves in those places forbidden to men’s eyes. Shesat on a shorn tree-stump in the midst of the forest clearing, braiding her hair. As she sat, her eyes travelled around the clearing, watching the other spiritsthat had gathered there to hold court.

Bands of fairies flew about and sported in the canopies of the surrounding trees; Goblins, as squat and grotesque as thestone figures they sat on, consumed fruit ravenously; asatyr, long-horned and lecherous, sidled to a recumbent female faun, who turned away sinuously from his advances. In the clearing’s very center, on a large flat stone carved with intricate runic lettering, sat a throne molded from the detritus of the forest. On the throne was a creature of…

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