I find it interesting that Thanksgiving is so uniquely American. Defining elements of distinctly American culture can be slippery, so whenever I come across something that America and only America has, I find it fascinating to consider why we have it and how, perhaps, celebrating us has influenced our culture over the years. First of … More Thanksgiving

The Neophyte

This, likewise, is another short story from a friend of mine. It went through a lot of revisions and he put a lot of work into it, but ultimately he just couldn’t find a publication willing to give it a chance.

Execution (5 minutes)

I was supposed to be executed.  I was up on the scaffold, arms tied behind my back, with everyone all gathered around to watch the beheading of Flats McBrady.  I’d never been so popular. The executioner—Rucks, his name was; nice guy really, he and Mabel had three kids—said God-be-with-you and reared back with the axe, … More Execution (5 minutes)

We need to Chill.

To be clear, I’m including myself in this. It probably looks hilarious to see this in the feed a few blocks away from the “Why I’m Angry” repost I shared back in January. I have thought these things before, but I know I’ve been bad about keeping things in perspective and realizing that things are … More We need to Chill.