The Neophyte

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A Dryad – Celtic Forest Spirit The young woman’s olive-colored skin was tinged with a deep, dark green. She was nearly naked, and?wore no dress or robe;?covered only by clusters of leaves in those places forbidden to men’s eyes. She?sat on a shorn tree-stump in the midst of the forest…

Nephilim Protocol Chptr 7: Confrontation (20 min)

“What the shit is ‘Attu Island?’” Dolphin asks me at breakfast, while he guzzles down his third bowl of Corn Flakes.             “Alaska, apparently. Sort of. It’s like there’s this whole string of frozen islands no-one cares about that dribble out from Alaska, and we’re on the one that’s way way way out on the … More Nephilim Protocol Chptr 7: Confrontation (20 min)

Nephilim Protocol 6: Classes (20 min)

“So, here’s how we’re going to escape,” Ball Buster says the next day.             “Can this wait?” I ask, sipping at my mug. The coffee is dark and black. There was no creamer at the cafeteria table, no sugar. It’s bitter, but I need it.             “Till when: lunch?” Ball Buster asks.             “What’s to … More Nephilim Protocol 6: Classes (20 min)