Nephilim Protocol Chptr 7: Confrontation

“What the shit is ‘Attu Island?’” Dolphin asks me at breakfast, while he guzzles down his third bowl of Corn Flakes.             “Alaska, apparently. Sort of. It’s like there’s this whole string of frozen islands no-one cares about that dribble out from Alaska, and we’re on the one that’s way way way out on the … More Nephilim Protocol Chptr 7: Confrontation

The Nephilim Protocol Chapter 4 & 5: “Names” and “Camp Solanas” (24 minutes)

I’ve decided to post the full text of my first novel, The Nephilim Protocol, on my blog for free, which I’ll be doing for the next month. People are hardly going to buy a book they don’t even know about, so if posting the book makes more people aware of it, even if they don’t buy it, … More The Nephilim Protocol Chapter 4 & 5: “Names” and “Camp Solanas” (24 minutes)

On Misusing and Misunderstanding the Term “Racist.”

I love language.  In part, I love language because of how it helps us overcome basic confusion and try, in a fumbling way, to speak our full thoughts to each other.  I had a lot of fun in my book giving the hero an “auto-translate” ability that allowed him to understand all languages (Incidentally, I’m … More On Misusing and Misunderstanding the Term “Racist.”

Execution (5 minutes)

I was supposed to be executed.  I was up on the scaffold, arms tied behind my back, with everyone all gathered around to watch the beheading of Flats McBrady.  I’d never been so popular. The executioner—Rucks, his name was; nice guy really, he and Mabel had three kids—said God-be-with-you and reared back with the axe, … More Execution (5 minutes)

We need to Chill.

To be clear, I’m including myself in this. It probably looks hilarious to see this in the feed a few blocks away from the “Why I’m Angry” repost I shared back in January. I have thought these things before, but I know I’ve been bad about keeping things in perspective and realizing that things are … More We need to Chill.