Merry Christmas (Eve)

Technically not correct, as I’m writing this at 12:35, which is barely Christmas Afternoon, to say nothing of Evening.  But I was in two minds as whether to post this today or tomorrow, and today won out after I realized I’m going to be spending most of tomorrow with relations.  So.  As a result of … More Merry Christmas (Eve)

Deleted Scene: Connecting the Dots, Exhilaration.

For those unfamiliar, this is a deleted scene from the latest chapter of my Naruto/Justice League Crossover, “Connecting the Dots,” which can be read here. I will be periodically posting more of these for the interest of my readers on “Your friends at Ground Zero are going out first.  We have some questions, … More Deleted Scene: Connecting the Dots, Exhilaration.

Tolkien’s Tales.

It seems a little cheap, maybe, to write a review of something like the Hobbit, even if it IS an awesome book, and even if it IS the most recent thing I read, and even if it DID recently enter production to make a movie (after many complications from unions and bankrupt movie firms). So … More Tolkien’s Tales.

Rabbits, Rhinos, and Ronin. (Review).

Seriously, that title practically wrote itself. So.  In keeping with the tradition I mentioned two weeks prior, I’m going to be posting up reviews of cool books/movies/comic books I’ve read.  This is partly because I’m not comfortable with putting my life on exhibition, partly because my life isn’t worth exhibiting.  About the only notable thing … More Rabbits, Rhinos, and Ronin. (Review).