On Misusing and Misunderstanding the Term “Racist.”

I love language.  In part, I love language because of how it helps us overcome basic confusion and try, in a fumbling way, to speak our full thoughts to each other.  I had a lot of fun in my book giving the hero an “auto-translate” ability that allowed him to understand all languages (Incidentally, I’m … More On Misusing and Misunderstanding the Term “Racist.”

Writing and Revision (Plus the first chapter of Book 2!)

Hey, my book has a free promotion going on!  Go onto Amazon and grab a free copy!  (Or a paperback. We have it in paperback now). Today’s the last day it’s running.  I’d have told you earlier, but I have work I’m doing now and time is precious. I had a much longer idea I … More Writing and Revision (Plus the first chapter of Book 2!)

Best laid plans

I’m starting to suspect I might never talk to an actual literary agent. I have, by this point, two and a half novels sitting on my computer.  Everybody thinks their own work is amazing, naturally, yet I do feel pretty confident that these novels are better than many others I’ve read on the market.  (Seriously, … More Best laid plans

Zombies vs. Martyrs

  I recently picked up World War Z by Max Brooks.  It’s a good read.  Haven’t seen the movie, so can’t compare, but the use of disjointed narratives to paint a global picture of the zombie near-apocalypse is ingenious and used well.  Max Brooks gets to cover nearly every possible reaction to the zombie apocalypse, … More Zombies vs. Martyrs

For Records Purposes

This post is not meant to be shared.  I do not intend to post it on Facebook, or Twitter, or any other social media (apart from this blog).  I’m just making it to have something down, on record, of how I thought about Trump. I sort of wish I’d made one of these before.  I’ve … More For Records Purposes