Zombies vs. Martyrs

  I recently picked up World War Z by Max Brooks.  It’s a good read.  Haven’t seen the movie, so can’t compare, but the use of disjointed narratives to paint a global picture of the zombie near-apocalypse is ingenious and used well.  Max Brooks gets to cover nearly every possible reaction to the zombie apocalypse, … More Zombies vs. Martyrs

Up to Snuff

Well.  It’s late at night, and I should probably be getting to bed, but dangit, I’m going to post a blog in the hour or so before I really, REALLY have to go to bed, because I’ve already gone two or three weeks without sticking anything up, and from the looks of things the next … More Up to Snuff

Atlas Shrugged

Okay, so I’m a little daunted by doing this review for a couple of reasons.  One, it’s one of those uber-classical books that’s widely read.  Two, it’s one of those uber-philosophical books that’s  chock full of theory and logic.  And three, I finished it last week and my uber-forgetfulness will probably lead me astray, particularly … More Atlas Shrugged

The Humor of Despair

“Rincewind, whenever he was running, never bothered about the TO.  He had always considered the FROM to be more important.” That is a line from Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series, describing the eternally afraid Rincewind the Wizzard (spelling intentional).  It’s a phrase very descriptive of Rincewind’s character, and indeed of the character of most of the … More The Humor of Despair

The Sandman Series

I seem to be on an unofficial bi-weekly schedule.  Mostly that’s due to time constraints every other week as I rush to finish another deadline I have.  I suppose I should accept that, but it seems rather annoying.  I’d hoped to post every week. Anyway.  Since my last post, a number of interesting things have … More The Sandman Series

Down to the Bone

One of these days one of my reviews is going to be about something well-known and sensible, I promise.  But it’s just so much fun to write about great obscure works and confuse everybody that I really can’t help myself.  Well, I could, but it sounds more excusable if I say I can’t.  So for … More Down to the Bone