JD Kloosterman is an educator and sometimes writer from Michigan.  He spent his time in school poring over medieval and Anglo-Saxon stories of great heroics, a love possibly developed from his passion for Lord of the Rings. He also loves to play video games, and wrote a few papers about their rhetorical implications.

He tends to write fantasy and science fiction, but is dabbling in more realist fiction and does a fair amount of fanfiction writing on the side.  He has recently published a YA Contemporary Fantasy novel, The Nephilim Protocol, the first in his intended Solomon Code Series.

“Far, far out from the coast of Alaska, at the very end of the world, tiny Attu Island crops out of the ocean, surrounded by hundreds of miles of freezing water. This is where the UN imprisons Nephilim, half-angel hybrids of stupendous power who once ruled the earth. Chad has just arrived, pulled from his high school after a near-mass-shooting brought his powers to light. But a strange disease is killing off the prisoners, and Chad and his friends must find a way to escape.”

Now available on Amazon in Kindle and Paperback!

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