Deleted Scene: Connecting the Dots, Exhilaration.

For those unfamiliar, this is a deleted scene from the latest chapter of my Naruto/Justice League Crossover, “Connecting the Dots,” which can be read here. I will be periodically posting more of these for the interest of my readers on

“Your friends at Ground Zero are going out first.  We have some questions, and we’re going to need answers.  Directly after them will be your friends Lee, Kiba, and Shino, as they’re in the worst condition.  You two and your friends from earlier will have to wait here until the Javelins get back.  Is that understood?”

                Sakura, wrapped in a storm blanket and drinking some hot tea, merely offered the dark-skinned man a weary nod.  It didn’t much matter.  She wasn’t in any hurry to go anyplace. 

                Neji, on the other hand, had a few questions.  “Kiba’s condition is serious?”  He frowned over his own glass of tea.  “But the medics… they’ve stopped all the bleeding.”

                “Sure.”  Green Lantern nodded.  “But the bullets are still inside there.  We need to get them out.”

                Like buried shuriken, Sakura realized.  She should have thought of that.  “Then why are Neji and Ino alright?”

                “The bullets seem to have gone straight through Neji.  They DID puncture a few vital organs, but your ‘chakra healing’ seems to taken care of that.”  After a moment’s hesitation, Green Lantern added, “And Ino… the bullets seem to have been disintegrated.”

                “I thought it felt funny when Hinata healed me.”  Ino frowned.

                Green Lantern merely raised an eyebrow.  “We’ll have to add that to the list of things to talk to her about, I suppose.”

                “Might as well.”  Supressing a sigh, Sakura leaned back and brushed her hair from her eyes.  Hinata seemed to be FULL of surprises recently.

                “What of our allies, the Titans?”  That was Neji again.

                “Most of them are fairly recovered.”  The others turned as Batman joined them.  “Robin and Cyborg are in the worst shape, they’re being loaded up now with your friends.  I found Diana too.  She said she’s fine, but I sent her to the Tower anyway.”

                “Right.  That’s my signal to go then.”  Green Lantern powered up his ring and rose into the air.  “Bats, make sure they stay here, okay?”

                “I’m not much of a babysitter…”

                “Thanks man, appreciate it. “  The dark-haired man grinned and shot off into the sky.

                Batman merely made a small snort of annoyance and turned away.   Neji arched an eyebrow at him, but Sakura couldn’t find it in herself to care.  She was too busy reviewing the battle, replaying the scenes, reliving again that moment when she was poised to kill Sasuke and COULD NOT, remembering…

                “How were you able to locate us so quickly?”  Neji’s voice broke in on her thoughts.

                Batman did not turn from his examination of the rubble.  “This time?  Radar.  Radio waves, they bounce off the target and rebound to the receiver.  Detects anything in the air large enough.”

                “I’m familiar with the principles of radar.  Robin has explained them to me,” replied Neji, with a little jerk of his head.  “However, I find it rather incredible that you should find our particular radar signature so interesting, particularly on a plane that belongs to your student.”

                “His student?”  Ino’s head shot up. 

                “Robin fights in the same unpredictable, varied manner as Batman.”  Neji eyed the caped crimefighter as he rose to his feet.  “When considered alongside what Sakura told us of their confrontation, it seemed rather self-explanatory.”

                His face a total mask, Batman nodded.  “Very observant boy.  Robin is indeed a former student of mine.  By unspoken agreement, he stays out of Gotham.  The arrival of his plane was unusual, so I investigated.”

                “You were not investigating.”  Neji accused.  “You made no attempts to contact or confront.   You already knew who we were and what we were doing.”

                “Is this going somewhere?”

                “Did Robin warn you of our arrival?”

                Batman studied the young Hyuuga before giving a short nod.  “You ninjas should have known better than to allow him along, or at least to let him send me a message like that.  He considered your move poorly advised and thought he should apprise me of the situation.”

That’s all.  The scene was removed because it was dragging and didn’t fit in with the time scheme of things very well.  It was later replaced with the scene with Batman and the others in the Javelin, heading toward the Watchtower.

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