Death of a Zombie

This was a pretty uninspired idea.  I’d played a mediocre flash game recently, called “Zombie Inglor” about a man who was bit and had about 72 hours until he became a full zombie.  Not a bad concept, but the game was pretty average, and didn’t take any real advantage of the concept except as a … More Death of a Zombie

Zombies vs. Martyrs

  I recently picked up World War Z by Max Brooks.  It’s a good read.  Haven’t seen the movie, so can’t compare, but the use of disjointed narratives to paint a global picture of the zombie near-apocalypse is ingenious and used well.  Max Brooks gets to cover nearly every possible reaction to the zombie apocalypse, … More Zombies vs. Martyrs

Zombies and Computers

Yes, I realize the relation there.  Several of them, actually.  Computers can turn people into zombies, and people use computers to fight zombies.  Anyway, I’m using the Title because it accurately depicts the two main things I want to talk about. Item One:  I have a new computer!  If you followed this from my Facebook … More Zombies and Computers

The Death of Chivalry

So at work today, a group of us were all sitting around talking about zombie apocalypses and such (which everyone at my work seems well-prepared for, by the way), when one of the guys, who has an attachment to reality for some reason, asked the sensible question: “How did we get talking about zombies?” I … More The Death of Chivalry