Again, here is a missing scene from my Naruto/Justice League crossover, Connecting the Dots.  This is a section from an earlier chapter, that depicts the Spectre, the Angel of Vengeance doing his job.  In the original, he also chatted with Sandman’s Death for a while before going on to talk to Deadman.

“Marrel?”  As if following the Pomeranian’s cue, the other dogs also smiled, beginning to advance on the man.  “Marrel?  MARREL!  NO!  GET BACK!”

                Screams echoed off the concrete, rebounding far down the alleyway as the dogs partook of their meal.  There was plenty for all.

                A few paces away, floating above the buildings, a tall pale man in a long green cloak surveyed the scene dispassionately.  His face beneath the hood was long, gaunt, and perfectly white, and his sunken eyes shone with a green fire.  Not a muscle on his face twitched.

                On the building just behind him, a beautiful woman in black jeans and tanktop strode lazily forward and leaned against the railing.  “Hey there.”

                “Greetings.”  The Spectre did not turn.

                The girl cocked her head at the scene of carnage.  “So what’s this one about?”

                “Richard Hentley.  Aged thirty-five.  Killed his wife two years ago for feeding his dog the wrong brand of dog food.”

                “Hmm.”  Toying thoughtfully with the ankh about her neck, the lady studied the mass of dogs.  “I like it.”  She decided.  “It’s really kind of poetic, in a way.  You’re great at your job, you know that?”

                “It is a duty.  A function I must perform.  I do it as well as I am able, though I am gratified to hear you think I perform it well.”

                The girl playfully punched what she could reach of the Spectre.  “Come off it.  You love your job and you know it.”

                “I do not like or dislike.”  The Spectre answered, a trifle defensively.  “I perform.”


                For a moment the two simply stood there, studying the alleyway below.  Finally, the dark-haired woman sighed and glanced up at the Spectre.  “So.  What’s happening?”

                “Nothing that has not happened before.  Nothing that will not happen again.”

                “You know what I mean.”  The girl’s look grew exasperated.  “What’s going on with you?  I haven’t seen you in, like, five minutes!  What’s the matter, you run out of things to avenge?”

                Something akin to a snort exploded from the angel.  “There is no danger of that.  The world remains as guilty as ever, the vengeance of the Almighty has never been in greater demand.”

                “Yeah, I get that.  So what’s with you not delivering the vengeance?  You’ve not only been slowing down, you’ve been losing your touch.  I mean this…” she gestured at the blood-spattered alley, “…this is the first decent work I’ve seen from you in nearly a week.” 

                “Don’t you have work to do or something?” asked Spectre, a touch of ice in his voice.

                “Don’t be ridiculous, he’s not dead yet.”  A scream echoed off the alley walls.  “I’d give him another minute at least.  Dogs haven’t even finished with his spleen.  Anyway, you’re dodging the question.  You haven’t been yourself lately.  So what’s up?

                Spectre remained silent.  “I have been… busy.”  He said finally.

                “What, with that impending convergence thing?”

                “Partly, yes.”  He nodded.  “But also, I have been spending more time in the human realm of late.  It… divides my attention somewhat.”

                An impish grin grew over the lady’s face.  “Why, Spectre, did you finally try that ‘spend a day among the living’ thing I suggested?”

That’s as far as I got.  The scene was eliminated because it was stealing too many of Deadman’s dialogue, and it was going too long for a minor scene.  Hopefully, Death will have another chance to appear.

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