Story/Podcast: “Lost in Translation”

The Escape Artists podcast “Cast of Wonders” recently published my short story “Lost in Translation.”  It’s probably the longest story I’ve managed to get published yet–which isn’t saying a lot; it’s about 4000 words or so.  Give it a listen if you have a spare half-hour, or else you can read through the text, which they have there also.  It’s a story about a hero who finds out that, due to an error in translation, he’s actually not the chosen one, it’s someone else in his party.

This is probably my favorite story I’ve written so far.  I’m not sure it’s my best–some of the romance strikes me as a little corny–but it’s in the mode of what I’d like to write; sort of my “guilty fiction.”  A story about a not-a-hero who sort of is, where he gets the girl at the end.  Corny, I know, but still a story I enjoy.  And the theme is something that I actually really identify with, too (apart from the romance angle, which still eludes me in reality).  I’d like to write more in this vein, if I can get better at it.


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